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Foreclosure disclosure [podcast]

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast team about the foreclosure process in British Columbia.

Listen here: VREP Episode #70


Here, we delve into questions like:

What is a foreclosure?

How does it happen?

How can one buy a property under a court-ordered sale?

Is this an opportunity for buyers?

What are the advantages of making the first offer?

What are the risks of buying a foreclosed property?

Are there ways to mitigate the risks?

Do we have an effective model for dealing with court-ordered sales in BC?

Find the full podcast episode here: VREP Episode #70

We hope you Enjoy!

Whether you’re buying, selling, refinancing (or simply want to know more), the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast is an excellent source of timely and relevant information about our sizzling (and controversial) property market. We listen to their material regularly and encourage you to check out their other podcasts.

On the topic of foreclosures, did we miss any burning questions?

If you have ANY additional questions, are currently going through a foreclosure (sale) process….. or are looking to purchase a property through a court-ordered sale, we help you ‘get your ducks straight’. Simply call us for an obligation-free phone consultation today, our priority is YOUR HOME.

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