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Social Justice for Animals

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Book Image - If They Could Shoot Back

Other than pets, animals get a pretty rough ride from people. They’re eaten, hunted, experimented on, imprisoned in zoos and skinned for boots, handbags and clothing. What if they were armed? What if they had a guardian, a hero who could save them? What if that person was YOU?

Read Kenneth Pazder’s debut action/adventure novel about someone who definitely makes a difference for animals! (Available on Amazon)

“You sometimes “meet” the most interesting people on Facebook. I had “run into” Kenneth Allan Pazder on another page where he had responded to my “Hunt the Hunters Hunt Club” comment by letting me know he had written a book called “If They Could Shoot Back” and that it was available on Amazon. I told him I’m unable to order on-line and asked if I could buy a copy from him directly so I could have it autographed. He agreed and it arrived via Canada Post at the beginning of August. Not having a lot of time to read, I had to finish off a Jack Reacher novel before I could begin and have now just completed Ken’s book. It was like it was custom written for a vegan action novel aficionado like me! Every evening I looked forward to “joining” protagonist KJ on missions that included destroying a mink “farm”, shutting down a research lab and sabotaging a trophy hunt. Lots of fist pumping and laughs to be had along the way as well as information about the issues and shout-outs to groups working on them. Given the scope of the war we are waging on our fellow earthlings, I’m hoping there will be more missions to come. The animals need a hero like KJ. Could you imagine him joining forces with real life vegan sniper Damian Mander doing anti-poaching work in Africa? Talk about brothers-in-arms!” 

– Debbie W.

Please consider purchasing a copy of  IF THEY COULD SHOOT BACK (available on Amazon in paperback or eBook.  We also have paperback copies available at our main office). 


All proceeds go to a variety of animal charities and welfare groups including:




Mercy for Animals


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


The Association for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals


Critter Care Wildlife Society



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