For over 25 years, our lawyers at Pazder Law have proudly represented thousands of satisfied clients throughout British Columbia. With experienced lawyers and staff, we are well positioned to provide personalized attention to our clients’ real estate goals.

While we handle real estate law files in-house, our extensive legal referral network (LAWNET BC) allows us to help our clients with virtually any type of legal issue such as motor vehicle claims, divorces and separations, wills and estates, business and corporate matters and most kinds of litigation. Talk to us first if you have any legal problem or issue.

Pazder Law Corporation was incorporated in 1988 in British Columbia. To date, the firm has successfully acted on upwards of 30,000 sales and purchases and well over 60,000 mortgage refinances throughout the Province. In 1996, Pazder Law was the largest real estate law firm in BC, managing an average of 500 transactions a month.

As an industry leader in BC real estate law, our team has extensive experience in a full variety of real estate matters, which includes transactions involving residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. We regularly deal with all major institutional lenders and a wide variety of real estate agents, mortgage brokers and other lawyers. We deliver the highest-quality of legal work to our clients on a daily basis.


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I am a “first time buyer” if I owned a home in another country years ago?
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How can a used apartment be subject to GST?  
Why does a buyer have to pay GST on a never-occupied new apartment if the seller already paid it?
If the contract is silent about GST and it turns out to be payable, who’s is responsible to pay it? 
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If my buyer defaults and I re-sell my property for more money can I still keep his deposit? 
Someone is trying to buy my building and dissolve the strata corporation – what can I do?

These are just a small sample of the questions from our clients that we deal with every day in our real estate practice. Have a question – call us or click the button above.  We are here to help!