As a founding member of LAWNET BC, British Columbia’s independent legal referral portal for lawyers, Pazder Law Corporation has the opportunity to bring you quality legal services in many more areas of practice than real estate.

Whether you are looking for legal services for yourself or are a BC lawyer dealing with clients with a legal problem outside your scope of practice, contact us and we will get your legal matter to an experienced lawyer.


LAWNET BC lawyers have at least five years of experience in the relevant area of law as a preferred area of practice and will have acted for clients with legal issues similar to yours many times before.


Within two business days, one of the LAWNET BC member lawyers will contact you for a consultation. The consultation is no-risk, no obligation and no fee. You will likely be sufficiently impressed with LAWNET BC’s lawyers’ honesty, integrity and competence that you will engage their services when necessary.

When the roster lawyer completes your legal file, LAWNET BC receives a small referral and administration fee. No additional fee or surcharge is ever added to your legal bill to offset or reduce the referral and administration fee being paid (Code of Professional Conduct for BC Lawyers).