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The Last Word on Stigmatized Homes in BC

Buyers need to ask appropriate questions if they are averse to purchasing a property in which a stigmatizing event occurred. Realtors should ask their clients if they are sensitive to stigmatizing events and if so, include a seller’s warranty or representation in the offer that no such occurrence took place!

Thank you for the positive feedback

The team at Pazder Law Corporation would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to our fantastic clients. We are very glad to be of assistance. We value your business and hope to see you for your next transaction. The following are some of the reviews we have received in 2019: We’ve done 3 house transactions with Ken and all have been excellent. Ken and his team is a joy… Read More »Thank you for the positive feedback

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Strata Properties: “To Insure or Not to Insure?” That is the question

That should never be the question; every strata owner should always insure. You may be thinking “Why? My strata property already has property insurance!” That is correct. The strata corporation’s insurance is mandated by statute and paid for by the owners through their monthly strata fees. Under the BC Strata Property Act (s.149 and s.150), the strata corporation is required to obtain insurance for common property, common assets, buildings as… Read More »Strata Properties: “To Insure or Not to Insure?” That is the question

Vancouver’s Empty Homes Tax – Is it working?

As the first of its kind, the Vancouver Empty Homes Tax (“EHT”) is now into its third year. The rationale for this draconian tax by the city of Vancouver was that there were close to 25,000 empty homes in the city with a rental vacancy rate next to nil.

Quick Tips: Should I buy or rent my home?

EVERYONE should buy a home as soon as they are able to.  Long term, the property value goes up, the mortgage gets paid off and the gain is tax free. For most people, the paid off value of their home is most if not all of their retirement security (and ultimately their estate, to leave to the kids).  For the vast majority of people, their after-tax income is used up… Read More »Quick Tips: Should I buy or rent my home?

BC’s New Property Registry 2019: A good idea?

* this is a brief commentary on the topic of BC’s newly proposed property registry. For more information, contact our office. How does owning a condo in the name of my company raise the risk that the owner is committing fraud, laundering money or evading taxes? As usual these unsubstantiated assumptions are made by the government and then blindly repeated by the reporter without question. Rather than creating a whole… Read More »BC’s New Property Registry 2019: A good idea?

The Speculation and Vacancy Tax – What the government isn’t saying

On November 27, 2018, the speculation tax was passed in B.C. to, in the government’s words “target speculators who own residences in B.C. but don’t pay taxes here, turn empty homes into good housing for people, and raise revenue that will directly support affordable housing.” The pitch to the public was that this tax would aid in tackling the housing crises in major urban centers in British Columbia and make… Read More »The Speculation and Vacancy Tax – What the government isn’t saying